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  1. NTlite by Nuhi
  2. Woow Welcome back I was working on nLite addon pack, which will transform Windows Server 2003 (5,2) into Windows XP 2003 version like But maybe you can add this option into nLite with multilanguage support What do you think about this idea?
  3. Can you tell me, how i can change the blue byckground during ROE? I only want to change it without your addon...
  4. How i can translate this program? I´ve looked into program folder and i think i can translate WinIntegrator.resources.dll and make new folder cs-CZ. I tried open file with Restorator 2007 and see here is nothing to translate...
  5. New update released:
  6. Sorry , now its ok.
  7. Does somebody know which package i can remove? (Packages.txt) Can someone post components names for remove packages this packages? (Settings.txt) EDIT: To SausageHack: can you post for me direct link to Jeronimo´s post? Settings.txt
  8. I created .net 2-3.5 addon with all updates and langpack, but windows update show langpack for 3.0 (Installation fail....) and family update. Is there a way, how disable show these updates? I think via registry tweak....