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  1. Problem with Windows Update

    Blah... Guess I need to stop using todays active topics. I didn't realize this is the Vista section .
  2. Problem with Windows Update

    Have you tried going to your Downloaded Program Files under Windows and deleting the Update entry? You should try that. Then it should reinstall when you go back to Windows Update.
  3. VIRUS ALERT in Task Bar...HELP!

    Just by looking at your running processes, it's possible that a Trojan has disguised itself as one of the normal exe's. You might want to download Spybot, run it and see if it finds anything. If it does be shure to check the location of it and what it's called, write it down and delete it. Then go to Start > Run > Type "msconfig" without the quotes > Go to the startup tab. If anything that spybot found is checked, uncheck them. Or anything that looks suspicious look it up at the Startup page.
  4. What Anti-Virus do you Use/Recommend?

    Avast - It's reliable with frequent updates. Plus it's free and was ten times faster than ClamAv which took over an hour to scan my hard drive. It took less than 10 minutes with Avast.
  5. Full Screen Magnifyer

    Here's a big collection for you to choose from - Magnifiers
  6. Best Peer-to-Peer Software

    Soulseek - Small and fast .
  7. That did the trick. Thanks a lot .
  8. 1. Took the bigger hard drive out of a Windows Me computer 2. Took out the Hard drive in the Windows 98 computer and replaced it with the Windows Me one 3. Installed the Windows Me hard drive Now I'm stuck between one Resolution & Color. I'm a little new at this but I think it might be because of the outdated Win98 graphics adapter? It was fine when I had 98 installed. Now I can't change it at all.
  9. I currently have a pretty small hard drive; Capacity: 4.02 GB. I already tried installing my bigger hard drive which had WindowsMe on it to another Windows98SE, and I wound up with a stuck screen resolution of 640x480 and a 4-bit color. I was wondering if anyone could help me to correct this problem?