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  1. WeEvil: Actually yes, I spent quite a lot of time looking for old versions of programs that can run on win 311 using many search enginees--yahoo, alta vista, dogpile, go, etc just to name a few, and yes i keep wide parameter to that I do get millions of hits coming up no matter how bizarre they might be. This applies to all subjects that I search for
  2. Good Day listers, I had redone my 486 machine running dos 6.22 and win 3.11 machine with the floppies i had in house, but I forgot one thing. I do not have any that would give me a "spreadsheet" or "word" document. Does anybody know of any freeware that I might be able to download that would work under windows 3.11. From this web page, I discover a powerpoint and and word viewer. Thanks in advance