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  1. Ok, when compiling Vista Ultimate x64 I made it as far as the services page and thats when things got confusing. I don't have the screenshot on this computer, but basically, most of descriptions of the services are replaced by question marks. Has anyone seen this before? Is it the my copy of vista? Is vlite not able to read all the services yet because its still new? I tried searching for it on this forum but came up with nothing (sorry if it has been posted and I missed it). I appreciate any help I get with this problem. I'll post a screenshot when I can.
  2. I'll wait till Rocky 7 comes out before I judge. .... How many people you think just ran to google to look for it? Anyways.... I think that Rocky VI was the best. The first one was good don't get me wrong, 2,3,4,5 nothing special personally. The last one just had a better feel to it. The characters were more developed and real. Just over all a good movie. I actually liked the 2 speeches he gave, one to his son, and one to the boxing people.
  3. Hello all! I've been working with Nlite in my free time and now going to try to expand into vlite. Here's hoping I don't nuke my computer.