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  1. Is it possible to implement desktops and window stations like in Windows NT ? It sounds like stupid, but we could make multi session, making desktops and window stations really hard to make.
  2. How can I implement functions on a dll like KernelEx do? I want to know. Thanks.
  3. Could you add theses API in somes DLL: ---KERNEL32.DLL--- GetComputerNameExW ---NTDLL.DLL--- RtlAdjustPrivilege RtlLengthSecurityDescriptor ---ADVAPI32.DLL--- SystemFunction040 Im just trying to run winlogon.exe on Win9x to see what happen.
  4. I have a question... How do you implement functions in Kernel32.dll or others DLL? Please help I really need to know how to do this
  5. Does it support the SuspendThread function? I will download it and see Edit: Still no have this function Because I have the last version of process explorer but I don't see the "Suspend" button.
  6. That's normal, the software check ntdll.dll's version.
  7. To import a function to a dll, I don't know, I need help lol
  8. I do it already lol
  9. hmm... Why don't you just upload the iso? Because I can't make the iso, unrecognized command, TEMP folder doesn't exist.....
  10. ... I've made it with Inno Setup. On the next version, I'll name it mdcb1 (More Dll Compatibility Beta 1)
  11. Hi, right now, I'll release a project, wich will install all missing dll that newer applications need. Name: Dll more compatibility project Version: Beta 1 Compatibility: Only Windows 95/98/ME/NT4 Please, report the maximum missing dll, and I'll add those in the setup. You can search all missing dll when you launch an application here: Link to download Dll more compatibility project: I'll post here the list of missing dll you obtain Missing dll: mfc90u.dll msvcp90.dll msvcr70.dll msvcr90.dll spyhk55.dll spyxxhk.dll userenv.dll winsta.dll wtsapi32.dll
  12. Sorry for double post but its for up the topic. Another missing dll and export function: WINSTA.DLL NTDLL.DLL:RtlLeaveCriticalSection mstscax.dll it would be nice if we can make a topic about missing dll and function and add missing dll and function
  13. It does. You can put anything you want, normal or very long filename that doesn't exist
  14. How did you edit the taskmanager? Did you edit kernel32.dll? For the taskmanager, when Windows 98 Start, I press CTRL-ALT-DEL (very fast), and I see the default Windows 98 taskmanager, after some seconds, I see now the RP9 Taskmanager. How did you made a new taskmanager?
  15. Hey all, I've got an awesome glitch, to switch to the interactive session (SYSTEM session, not with "at" command and terminate explorer.exe). First, start up the service "Interactives services detection" (Start Menu -> Run -> Services.msc, find "Interactives services detection" -> right click -> Start) Now, start notepad and write this: start blablatesterrormessage.......exe start explorer.exe Save the file as a batch file on C:\. start cmd (Start Menu -> Run -> cmd.exe) a console appear, write this: sc create interactivesession binPath= "cmd /k start C:\interact.bat" type= own type= interact sc start interactivesession A message box appear, click on "Show the message" Now you'll be switched to the interactive session with Windows Explorer (wich is a little bit limited when you try to change settings, because it say its a bad profile) but you can run applications as SYSTEM user, wich the SYSTEM user is on C:\Windows\System32\config\SystemProfile