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  1. Hi , I can confirm after update to 52.0b1 on my XP sp3 , that work fine
  2. The last XP version is Opera stable 36.0.2130.80 See :
  3. 49.0 come next week no drop for XP support just dropping old non SSE2 CPU :
  4. XP support will be dropped in Slimjet 12
  5. Hi, that's not the end of Avast 4.8 From Sirmer Avast team on Today at 08:48:25 AM
  6. I confirm, I just have the same I have download the vpsud4.exe from the 04/04 et I just download it from today and this is the same file [113 Mo (119 074 336 octets)] than from 31/03; I run it but it say the vps are uptodate and it is the 160331-2 version
  7. Hi, any hope for a non English XP version ?
  8. Yes , I can confirm ; I just rerun my old pc that I haven't run since November last Year (I must first get on new Avast free licence) I manualy update de vps from 05/02 that I have downloaded with an other pc, then Avast update automatically with today update
  9. The new version number of win32k.sys file is 5.1.2600.6755 (it the official French update, I haven't install the unofficial patch)
  10. I just got an automatic update on one of my machine all good seems to be good; and font render are fixed
  11. Hi, same thing for me , when I try to download the file with my PC running XP I have reported it yesterday on the Avast forum : http://forum.avast.c...p?topic=88452.0
  12. Have you try the Network activity indicator from Tihiy ?
  13. That's the trick but no need menueditor, there is an option in this add on to disable "bookmarks" in the menu bar And I add the french language pack , so I have Firefox 6.0 in french now B)
  14. Me too but , the bookmarks doesn't work bookmark is empty; I can't bookmark any webpage ; import doesn't work I just can setup a bookmark saved in HTML as Firefox start page
  15. Hi, I have try this version too , load well , but the bookmarks doesn't work on my system there is no bookmark and I can't import any; same as the official version My system : PIII 450 Mhz , RAM 512 Mo W98SE SP3Beta 4, KernelEX 4.5.1, RP 9.72,