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  1. Hey I was able to install XP on the same machine yesterday Download from〈=eng and Use nLite to slipstream XP SP3 and the textmode SATA driver from the above file into a new XP install. The SATA driver is located in iaAHCI.inf and is called ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller It should solve your continuous reboot problem
  2. how did you do it?I was able to install WINXP on other partition. But After installation when it went to reboot , after boot it showed another BSD and immidiately rebooted. So I dunno what exactly was failed. Now I cant run Vista neither HP. I tried to load VISTA using recovery DVD but it is asking me to go back to factory seeting. So I cant really fix the boot MENU. SO NOW WHAT? pLEASE HELP...... Do I have to go back to factory setup????
  3. I bet, that your CD/DVD-ROM drive is a S-ATA connected one. Some S-ATA optical drives don't like to run in AHCI or RAID mode, especially not during any OS installation.Suggestion: Borrow an IDE CD/DVD-ROM drive and connect it to an IDE port of your notebook. Once XP is successfully installed, you may try to reconnect your currently running S-ATA optical drive. Hi there, I'm facing the exact same problem. Now its going in continuous reboot loop. I cant fix boot manager menu using system recovery disc came with laptop. Its asking me to go back to factory setup..... What should I do? Please help...... I boot using XP CD and repair and run fixMBR and FIXboot but still no help... How to borrow IDE CD/DVD ROM? can I try to install it using USB CD/DVD ROM? will that work?