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  1. Hi Fernando 1, just wanted to thank you for trying to help me solve my issues. It ended up being a bad drive, I went and purchased a new SATA drive and the install went through perfectly. Thanks again. After having done a short Google search, I found this:http://forums.cnet.com/5208-6142_102-0.htm...essageID=533149 Question: Did you integrate any MS hotfixes?
  2. Yes that is what started my journey, just tried it again and i received this error: STOP: c000021a The Session Manager Initialization System Process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc000026c This is the same error message that was waiting for me at my clients place of business. I have considered replacing the drive. I did use the dell diagnostics and it said the drive passed as well as the memory. Totally lost...
  3. created a new disc using the other drivers, usb drivers, set the bios to normal, install was moving along smoothly then a window popped up with the message: "Terminal Server Device Redirector Error", so i am guessing i am missing another driver?
  4. Tried your drivers with the AHCI Mode on and received a 0x000007b error stating to remove any recently added hard drive controllers or hard drives. So... I am guessing I am in the other category? I appreciate your help in this! It seems, that you really have an ICH8 chipset Southbridge (without any letter behind the "8"). These chips are not supported by the official Intel textmode drivers, but you may try the ones I have modified.You will find the download link within the "Preparation" chapter of my guide (look into point 2 b ). Precondition for the use of these modified drivers is, that you have enabled the "AHCI Mode" (not the LEGACY Mode) within the BIOS.
  5. I've tried looking on the mainboard for ICH8-? but can't seem to find it, looked in BIOS and found nothing there either. Never had to pay attention to those details before unfortunately. This would have been much easier had my clients not misplaced their recovery discs...so its a learning experience. I am not sure if telling you its a Small Form Factor tower would help and that it was built in '05? Without a letter behind the "8" (like ICH8-R)? The driver I have uploaded is from Dell. I only have extracted the EXE file and created a ZIP file to make it easier for you to find the INF files.Here are the details: Title : Chip Set:Atmel Trusted Platform Module v 1.2 Driver Version : A00 OEM Name : Atmel OEM Ver : Computers : OptiPlex - 745 Oses : Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP Home, Windows XP MCE, Windows XP Pro and Windows XP x64 Languages : English Created : Wed Sep 17 16:00:03 CDT 2008
  6. Hi Fernando 1 Unfortunately i am not sure if its southbridge or not, when i looked online for specific specs all i could find was ICH8. Thank you for the USB drivers i will try that out right now. I just attempted doing an unattended install but it brought up an error about having an invalid signature?
  7. Hopefully someone can help me out... I've attempted to use nlite and the instructions on here to create a disk for my clients Optiplex 745. I have tried booting with bios set to either setting of legacy or the other (can't remember the name), and i get different results every time. When booting in legacy mode the install will actually get to the point where i click ok to agree to the time zone...problem is it appears none of the USB ports are working and therefore I can't continue. When booting in the other bios mode, i get the error to check drive controllers, uninstall etc.. and the install never finishes correctly. I'm about wits end, but i see a lot of experts on here, hopefully someone can shed some light for me, and recommend the next best course of action. Thanks in advance Almost forgot.. installing xp professional 32-bit.