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  1. vogons collect many wrappers (mostly old stuff) including latest mesa-llvmpipe http://vogonsdrivers.com/wrappers/
  2. I think I will have another xompie update (with more api implementation if I have mood) because I decide current wined3d is not that good, leaving behind one of three major vendor (AMD) is bad for user. let see if next stable version of wine fix that. About the "Image File Execution Options" trick for Palemoon I could easily add that with the patcher though kind of against the principle of "not touching the registry" @Dibya can you run Blender 2.78c without manifest fix in python dll with your extendedXP? somehow the error only affect NT5 I have report the bug upstream and should be fixed in next stable python release (if blender use it). is it pure typo? or conspiracy to kill xp interest like what palemoon did lol if used on exe, it will spew error application not configured properly if used on dll, the exe that need it will spew error application failed to initialize properly luckily this easily spotted by dependency walker need to fix this in non-interactive way with rcedit, reporting bug https://github.com/electron/rcedit/issues/49
  3. Patience... I'm pulling myself at the moment here... So most likely I'll do what I like to do as XP user, what I need and what others might share the same interest I'll put filezilla with browser analogy: if alternative exists, why go to the hell and back? use winscp (i have version 5.7) but honestly I prefer curl or better yet ncftp (see what i like? yup command line) That said if I remember the last time I tried filezilla it runs (no missing functions) but it doesn't work. This is good illustration how things never that simple. Remember my previous post about missing property in older OS? that might what just happened, same function but later version can do more and filezilla asking that. My guess some socket function maybe the culprit and there is filezilla didn't save its settings upon exit too... So if you have burning passion about it do: compare the source/binary between last working version and first broken version then track them all the way to current version. IIRC it was version 3.8 BTW I can confirm wined3d seems work with my intel hd, but I still wait svyatpro (nvidia). he make interesting benchmark: https://pp.userapi.com/c637430/v637430550/831c8/AV7r71Pu2bk.jpg
  4. @Dibya Could you use VC++ build tools 2015 for that? http://landinghub.visualstudio.com/visual-cpp-build-tools since version 2012 I would rather avoid installing VS.
  5. Alright... after compiler uploaded it's time for collaboration tool Github for Windows XP, salavaged edition https://github.com/tumagonx/XPitory/tree/master/last_working/Github_for_Windows anyone interested to upload XP stuff there? let me know, I will give write access EDIT: oh yeah 1GB limit / repo, Sourceforge is more favorable for this case but github has insanely good SEO
  6. @Dibya I don't know where to start (I only did that once and long time ago) you need msvc (I think) but I build nss, mozjs and npr (mozilla components) regularly with gcc
  7. @roytam1 Try to loop it back into d3d using GLdirect? https://sites.google.com/site/ourenthusiasmsasham/technical/stereodisplay#TOC-Open-GL-in-Stereo download and just put opengl32.dll in your palemoon folder Edit: that would be double translation (triple if gles counted lol) but it should bypass atiogl (maybe) angle (GLES) -> Wined3d (D3d10) -> GLDirect (OpenGL) -> ATI Direct3d Ahh I remember being able to compile Angle that will only look for D3d9 I will find the dll.. this is older version though angled3d9.7z
  8. Duh Don't be dramatic.. I just use XP yesterday to build nvme driver. I'm in the middle of mass DISM servicing task with Win10, it's slow process of testing and rebuild and I'm no good programmer but a good packager, that's why I try to be realistic with my goals *univeral audio/lan/wlan/bluetooth driver for xp. *universal video driver with multi monitor support plus dx/ogl/vulkan support. *uefi support driver. * compiled modern browser like firefox, chromium ,palemoon,slimjet etc * universal usb3.0/3.1 driver with USB type c support you could rely on mesa as video driver fallback but need lot cpus (think of Asus Z9PE-D8-WS, which imo the best thing that XP compliant) Driver programming is beyond my scope, it's really hard, having implementation is one thing making it talk with windows kernel is another thing. I believe one day some pops will do his magic just for fun for one of those drivers. Browser? just stick with mozilla
  9. XPitory? Well, as I said long time ago http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/175529-remodeling-windows-xp-kernel32/?page=9#comment-1126377 We have less than 2 year left before EOL Xompie failed to be patchless solution, but not useless, but i'm stuck with implementation unless WinPR catch up fast (so I can leech on them) where generic USB3 driver? no good I haven't done {2} and I'm quite experienced at it, that's what I gonna do now: XPitory (and I will left xompie as is) I want to make mirror of last working apps, xompie patchable app, and backported app using gcc or msvc
  10. Hey i don't know anything guys, I haven't test it at all [I'm on Win10 right now], lets wait for svyatpro words I think it is Palemoon searching for GLES backend, then contact AT driver and crash, seeing it is ogl crash.
  11. @roytam1 ahh darn, sorry about that. I really haven't test wined3d so I don't know, svyatpro will test this xompie version, but no words from him yet. I wonder what trigger it? your driver looking for d3d10/11 implementation or is it palemoon try to find angle (GLES) fallback?
  12. and where address L73BC141B goes to in my dll? SHOpenWithDialog is not wired at all :)
  13. Sure, show me? that's not straight disassembly code from IDAPro right? :worry: My understanding is if client app ask a property that handled by layer (shellxp.dll) but missing in the rest of related functions in shell32.dll that's not gonna work *properly* But if you have tested then I'm wrong
  14. I have put my gcc in github if anyone interested, I think i've talk about the gcc before... anyway.. do you experienced with gcc ever found your executable linked against func_s a.k.a secure api? and instantly break XP compatibility due to obsolete system msvcrt.dll? That's because mingw-w64 api being vague of which OS being supported (hence which msvcrt version being used, which API filtered) I made some modification in gcc internal config so it is easier to link properly against newer msvcrt (up to mvcr120.dll) this way for ex. latest ffmpeg can be built with msvcr100.dll that has secure api without breaking XP. Many opensource software (that don't support MSVC) can be rebuild without sacrifice buffer protection enhancement provided by secure api. just set CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to include "-vcr100" and you are done! complete options: -vcr80 [with manifest] -vcr90 [with manifest] -vcr100 -vcr110 -vcr120 https://github.com/tumagonx/XPitory/raw/master/compiler/gcc/gcc485%2Bboost155.7z
  15. I don't know what to do with shell32 funcs, it's too wired. Many has different struct than XP api which is impossible to be layered, so IMO the best to do is use complete dll like reactos' shell32.dll than create layer.