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  1. Hello everybody, I just tried to use this thing to install winxp on my asus eee and it failed I had french win7 installed, now I don't have anything and winxp didn't install properly, after reboot the graphical loading progress shows up and then I get BSOD. I tried to boot into safe mode and safe mode command line only and both have the same problem: BSOD. Anybody has any clues on what could have gone wrong?
  2. The provided SFX-MSD.cmd script has a bug, I put wrong letters in bold (they have to be swapped) If Exist InstWGAV.inf If Exist InstWUWC.inf If Exist InstMUWC.inf ( Attrib -R -S -H InstMUWC.inf >> InstMUWC.inf Echo.System32Key = "%System32Key%" Start /Wait "Microsoft Update Web Control" %InstallINF% .\InstMCWC.inf ) If Exist InstWGAV.inf If Exist InstMCWC.inf ( Attrib -R -S -H InstMCWC.inf >> InstMCWC.inf Echo.System32Key = "%System32Key%" Start /Wait "Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control" %InstallINF% .\InstMUWC.inf )