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  1. I think you want to make a unattended installation. Search for unattended 'program you want' or silent installation in the google. Ex. unattended kmplayer or silent installation kmplayer.
  2. It's xp sp3. I'm using win2003 to build.
  3. I changed the path to D:\hfslip_sp3_maio_2009. I'm using the update page maintained by you (tommyp) as source to updates ( And i have checked for IE6/7 updates and i found none (i don't have downloaded them). I've downloaded a second time IE8 using other pc, and the result its the same. edit: same thing using just ie8 as update.
  4. Hi I'm having a error after the install. Without IE8, i don't have this error. XP sp3 ptbr clean. hfslip log And the error in setuperr.log Erro: O Programa de Instalação não pôde registrar o controle OLE C:\WINDOWS\system32\occache.dll devido ao seguinte erro: GetProcAddress retornou o erro 127 (procedimento especificado não encontrado). *** Translated: Error: Setup could not register the OLE Control C:\WINDOWS\system32\occache.dll because of the following error: GetProcAddress returned error 127 (the specified procedure could not be found).