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  1. thanks mm this maybe will help i will try but if you have another idea or know other way i will really apretiate ahh other thing if the win xp sp3 is a vl is there another options ?? or utilities? thanks for the help
  2. yes i know some things are a lil bit dangerous and the program its okey i dont have problems with this well maybe ade some neew tweaks but is ok but if some body have or know a good methot to do this kind of thing that i ask will be really good i was looking in the forums and i dont see something else than and auto format for all the harddrive .... and what i want is delete create format the 3 partitions automaticly
  3. hi here is the thing i have been made a nlite cd of win xp that can install only the windows directories and files in the c: partition the program files in d: and the documents and settings in e: this helps a lot because if some crazy lil brother or a dirty grandpa(if i try to block some sites he will kill me jeje) damage somethin in the pc you can recover c: or d: partition really easy with a clone image or something because a c: partition with only the windows instaled and the page file and recovery console dont need more than 5 gig(okey i know is less than this) but sometimes is good to make a format in the pc and make a clean new instalation but the problem is always the format you know full format 3 partitions in ntfs before install the windows isnt cool its a lil bit #$*-+& and put and quit the cd of xp until you take the 3 partitions done just for this is crazy and use some program sometime take a lot of presious time until you finaly put the xp cd well the thing is that i want to make an xp sp3 that can auto format my 3 partitions c: d: E: in full ntfs using a predefined space value (the values that i want for every partition ) for every partition or just puting the values in the moment that i will install or using percents i dont know how can i do this i just want a cd that i can put and when i want to install my xp make the think with an enter begin the job and because if i want ro recover will be reallly usefull the option for make it thanks and i hope have a good answer
  4. thanks for the answer that was really fast jeje then i download that file and integrate this cool if i integrate the nforce drivers in the same disk will be a problem? i was looking in google and i found a sata driver pack that have the intels nforce etc i was thinking if this will work too ? if i integrate the sata drivers will i can install the windows in sata native mode (when i try to install windows in sata native mode i cant because the xp sp3 dont detect the hard drive)
  5. hi this guide is really good congratulations. i have question well i have 5 pcs in my home all diferents (845 ,945 ,g35, g43 ) all intel mainboards without counting the pcs from my girlfriend(i think she loves me because i fixit always her pc's jeje) the thing is that i want to know if is posible or what kind of problem will i have if i integrate all de ahci sata drivers in one disk of xp because you know have 1 xp disk per machine isnt funny. the windows will choose the rigth ones for the right's mainboard?? thanks and sorry for my english jeje