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  1. Strel, THANKS. Thorough and supportive. I have used it and it works great. Saves a lot of space. Next attempt: get all that 64 bit stuff out of the files. Saves a lot of Mb's. Enjoy this evening and a Happy 2009 to you.
  2. Great piece of work !!! I wonder what to do with the ini-file. It keeps asking me to choose which version of 2.0 I want. Do I need to add NO instead of Yes to the original one or the one that comes with 3.5? And if so do I need to do the same a bit lower for the language files? I would like a separate file for 1.1+2.0 and for the rest (3.5). I set MERGE to 12. Which of the 2.0 do I have to say YES to then. What is the difference between loud and silent installation? BTW: I am green as grass here, a total newbee Attempt 1: I choose NO for the 2.0 both with file as with the lang pack. MERGE=12. It worked and finished, but it says the 7z file in OUT is not a 7-zip file. It is only 91,5 kB!. Attempt 2:Now I choose below settings. Also for the language. MERGE still at 12. Same result. A 91,5 kB .exe file. That of course does not work. PLEASE HELP! PROCESS_DNF1=YES PROCESS_DNF2=YES PROCESS_DNF35_DNF2=NO PROCESS_DNF35_DNF3=YES PROCESS_DNF35_DNF35=YES Attempt 3: Everything at YES, only the file NetFx20SP1_x86nl.exe deleted form the work folder. Same result as attempt 1. Attempt 4: I will set the COMPRESSION RATIO at LOW. Until now it was MED. Now I can see Temp.7z growing. I must say I had no look at in during the first 3 attempts. AND IT WORKS !!!. Now I have a 41,5Mb .exe file. that works. Set the compression rate at LOW !! Still 1 open question: it is not possible to have also a package for the rest? That is everything but 1.1+2.0SP2. Or since 1.1 is the one that rewuires a reboot, is it possible to have 2.0 and all up to 3.5SP1 in 1 package and 1.1. in another? That way 2.0+3.5 can be installed during an unattended set up of Windows. Now I am going to test the FULL package. Which works fine. And to my own question: just play around with 12 FULL and YES and NO and you can combine what you want. Question closed.