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  1. I tried the noinst version on both Computers but it was the same problem and it didn't matter what file I tried it was the same result.
  2. I have been getting a AutoIt error when trying to covert any archive, (archive or executable's) AutoIt Error Line -1: Error: Unable to execute the external program. The system cannot find the file specified. | OK | I'm using the latest version on the laptop ( 1.6 (10/17/2008) ) I've have this problem with an older version on a Win2K PC as well ( 1.6 beta (08/09/2007) ) I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling but no change. I think the AutoIt on the PC got a virus at one time but the laptop I've just bought and copied the old beta onto but was still doing it, then downloaded the latest version but still doing it. Is there somewhere in the registry that could be corrupted by the old beta. IT worked fine for a long time on the PC but then didn't work. I've even tried deleting all references in the registry with (UniExtract.exe) in it but it made no difference. I hope you can help.