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  1. Tried that. I heard it wasn't supported or updated in awhile.
  2. Is there a program like nlite, but for Win7. That supports addons and such. Quicken2k
  3. Do you mean from inside Windows Update/Microsoft Update just click the plus sign to expand the update info then check the box don't show this update again. That's it. Quicken2k
  4. Ok, I used nLite to remove the Shared Documents in My Computer. The One problem I have is it also removes The links to the users documents folders as well. I wanted to keep those. How can I get them back?. I don't want to reinstall it will take me hours on end. Quicken2k Mark.
  5. Ok here's my situation when I run the windows XP setup I want the option to press R (Repair Console) It let's me pick my HDD as to where to install XP but the R prompt is gone. Is this normal for unattended mode?. When I make a custom CD I simply add my drives and my Product Key and any hotfixes.
  6. Hello from a cold and snowy Toronto Canada!