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  1. which version of windows 7 did you install?can you post your last session.ini? thanks in advance
  2. where is exactly that option??i use vlite 1.2 version ------------ ok i've found it thank you
  3. i'm getting that error do you protect the dll?
  4. srry for double is an attachments of the error i'm getting
  5. i removed exactly what you mentioned....i dont know if it is important but the build i'm using is the 7000...oh and when i boot from iso in virtual pc there is no win7 boot but only windows vista one....
  6. hello, i'm stilatore and this is my first post here.... by the way i'm getting error 0x80070570 after i have made my version of windows 7 lite using vlite... i get that error during windows 7 installation when expand file or something like that reaches 100%...