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  1. The firmware fix isnt working for any of my drives that is affected only get "error cant find the drive" when i use the bootable utility. My drives is below: New (working): Serial Number: 6QM0BQ61 Model Number: ST3500320AS Firmware Revision: SD15 Old (not working): Serial Number: 9QM603KL Model Number: ST3500320AS Firmware Revision: SD15 So i wonder when is the firmware fix going to work on everybody that has SD15 firmware and is affected??? D**n those seagate
  2. So guys is it anyone that have sent their affected drive to Seagate for free data recovery on a replacement drive yet? I would like to know how im gonna do to get this service so i can get my data back on a new working drive. For your information i have also laid 2 cases on their site one to claim the free recovery on new drive and also get hold on the firmware update.
  3. The page you snapped from their site, does it mean that their going to get out a update/fix to all our failed drives or must the drive be unlocked from bsy mode until we can use it when its released. And on the recovery of the password how is it going? And have somebody maked any progress on the LBA=0 fix yet? I think we are great team that doing everything to get our data back and bust up seagate that son of a bi**hes
  4. Hey guys, I was searching the internet and found maybe some good things. I found a china-company that have a software for com-terminals that can fix lba=0 and bsy fix but the file you can download was encrypted with a password so if anybody is good in that kind a stuff you can find the file attached in this message. Pictures of the tool: the site is and the file can be downloaded [Here]
  5. Hello guys, I have a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 drive with the data below that is in bsy-state and not found in bios. Serial Number: 6QM0BQ61 Model Number: ST3500320AS Firmware Revision: SD15 I would be glad if someone could give me and others pictures/instructions on how to build a rs232 terminal module and with steps on how to remove this bsy-mode with hyperterminal. Best regards to all of you that is fighting for your data back on this crappy drives. Richard.N (Sweden)