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  1. Hello World! There's something i try to achieve but it's not going the way i want it to go. I'm stuck =P I've read many forums and all I found was the advise not to do what i want to do. But that doesn't bring me forward. I'm aware of the risks and i'm trying to keep them at a zero level. ok, i think you're ready for my question by now. I want to create a dual-boot, both vista. One vista to work on, one to play games. When I want to play a game want to put the work vista into hibernate, and boot into the game OS. When i finish gaming I could just restart my pc and go on working. The two OS'es don't share partitions or drives to prevent problems when awaking from hibernate. The problem is that vista disables the dual-boot option when going into hybernate. Is there a way to by-pass the hybernated OS and boot into the Game-OS? I would really like it if it's possible.. Is it possible with the TS solution?