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  1. I'd like to thank EmRoD for pointing out the %configsetroot% (i have been searching for a variable wich points to the location of the answer file for a long time) , and regarding the drivers in a ConfigurationSet i also found out something very cool , it seems that the setup process searches recursively in the driver path. If your drivers are in "%configsetroot%\Drivers\nvidia" , "%configsetroot%\Drivers\audigy" , etc... , you only need to insert "%configsetroot%\Drivers" into the answer file. I find this very useful , no need to change the answer file when you add/remove drivers PS. this works in both windowsPE and offlineServicing.
  2. Hi , I have a problem with setting the network , however , this is not a problem with winnt.sif (wich I thought it was) but rather with an installation modified with nLite. What happens is that any version of windows sets the network correctly according to winnt.sif as long as that installation is original. Any installation modified with nLite works perfectly exept for setting the network from winnt.sif. In any nlite moddified installation the setup just ignores the network settings from winnt.sif Have any of you encountered this ? Thanks for any help you can give me.