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  1. I was trying to get wintv running on server 2008 using the bdaserver/reghacks from this forum. Then I insttalled the win 7 64 bit beta - and wanted to crry. It reognized my HVR-1600 card, and the motorola setup. got ir working. the only bug is the waraning that shows up saying you can't record the broadcast. so I ran through the BDAserver instructions on the win7 partitio. there were 2 sysWOW64 files missing, but i just copied the 32 bit versions over to the sysWOW64 folder. all said and done, I can see tv. but media center is sooo preety. thanks to all the folks who are making life interesting. Hopefully someone can extract the necessary files from the beta, and get the full monty running under Server.