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  1. Ok I think this is what i'm trying to do do. Can I modify the boot.ini to boot into a network install of windows xp? I've pointed the boot.ini file to the startrom.0 file and that's not working. I basically want Windows Network Install as an option.
  2. Hi guys, Just as a brief overview this is what I've done thus far. We created an pxe setup unattended install of xp utilizing windows ris. This has worked perfectly. We have a hand full of machines that may not have network boot selected as a boot option. Manually changing the boot order is not an option considering these are remote machines. Pre-network installing windows; I would like to copy over "windows setup files" to the local hard drive and reboot the pc into the windows installer from the harddrive. I'm assuming I need to copy over the same setup files required for pxe booting? ntldr..etc? Also, I am not trying to setup from the local harddrive. I want to boot into the installer from the harddrive but the setup will continue to be a network install. Any ideas?