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  1. YEAHHHHHH, YIPPYYYYYY, thanks everyone for putting pressure on Seagate. I've just email them. Ge
  2. From seagate forum, it appears he has a fix/ solution for this problem. =================================== fuzzby Message 41 of 42 Viewed 25 times I had the same issue with no detect in BIOS on boot. I also had the same frustrations in trying to get this acknowledged by support. However after much research I've found out that the firmware locked the drive in a BUSY state that does not allow BIOS detection. I ordered a repair kit online and it was able to reset the firmware and I have the drive working 100% now. No data lost, and I'm still using the drive so no need for RMA either. Kit was expensive though but this issue IS fixable. If anyone needs help please feel free to PM me. I'm not a professional recoverer, just a determined Seagate customer but given the lack of recovery options Seagate is providing I'm hoping I can help other people out through this most frustrating experience. I'm based in Toronto, Canada. Message Edited by fuzzby on 01-12-2009 07:33 AM Message Edited by fuzzby on 01-12-2009 07:52 AM