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  1. I was at a local computershop last night and they had just RMA:d one Seagate 500GB and one 1TB drive with this error. Unfortunately they had already packed them so I couldnt note the specifics of the drives. All I know is that they were bought in November and failed in the last week of December and the first week of January. Scary stuff
  2. Hi all. I just registered after reading the 26 pages in this thread. I have in my fileserver 2x ST3500630AS 1x ST3500841AS 1x ST3750330AS I have also bought two 1TB Seagate drives to expand with. So far none of them has failed, but this thread has really gotten me spooked. With the amount of data, I cant keep backups of it all. But for the essential data, I use on-line and off-line backup. I chose Seagate as they were highly recommended and came with a 5 year warranty, but after reading how they have been treating this problem, I can't keep recommending them. For people relying on optical media as a backup, I must mention that I have had discs fail (only high quality brand media) after little less than a year. I am looking into buying an Iomega Rev or a RDX backup station.