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  1. Alrighty. So I see there is some new developments with this issue and seagate. What exactly should I be doing here to upgrade my firmware? Should I ignore it due to it being the sd1a firmware? What's the deal here. I keep reading "don't do this" and "seagate is a buncha tards" all over the place. Thrown me a bone here. Lets get some clear instructions and advice.
  2. I'm sure there are better boards for you to play your game. This is serious business sir.
  3. Based on your firmware version and serial number I would say you're on the safe side. If it's not making strange clicking noises and diagnostic tools don't come up with bad sectors, etc. it will run along fine. I hope Mine was produced in China. That a bad thing?
  4. You're kidding. The cs rep literally kept pounding in for that "you're not gunna be affected" horses***. Makes me angry at seagate. All those years of quality drives with them over my previous WD drives and the cs and support seems to be thrown out the window. Funsies. At least you kept your cool. I would've been cussing at him shortly after he said "you aren't affected"
  5. For now it's best to keep the number of boots limited. "Audible problems"? Are you referring to click of death? (sorry if this is a stupid question, but english is not my native language) At the moment no firmware fix is available for the people who already own a 7200.11 SD15 drive, but rumours are that seagate has been implementing a new firmware version in recently assembled drives. However nothing has been confirmed yet. So unfortunately we'll just have to sit it out.. We understand your worries and hope your drive will be spared. Yes, the clicks are what I'm referring to. Honestly, I keep my computer on for irresponsible lengths of time anyway. I'm one of those anime peoples who downloads it 24/7.
  6. This firmware update was issued by seagate to fix another issue in 7200.11 drives with the SD04 and SD14 firmware. I think there are significant chances that updating from a SD15 to AD14 firmware will render your drive inoperable. So as of right now, just deal with the drive I have as is? I've not heard any of the audible problems many of you have stated, yet I've had the drive for about 5 weeks so far. So currently are there no fixes for the issues besides having to go the hardware route other members have mentioned? Is Seagate doing anything besides keeping quiet about the issue as of right now? I'd really hate waking up one morning a few weeks down the road finding that that my drive shat on itself and rendered my 564 gbs of stuff unreachable.
  7. So guys, if I'm with a 1TB and using SD15 firmware, should I go ahead and update the firmware to AD14?