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  1. Here are my drives. They're to be installed as a RAID-1 pair in a Sun X2100 server this weekend, so they've only been run through the SeaTools application, with no problems experienced in the six hours or so that they've been run. I want to get them into the mix because it's like pulling teeth trying to find any info regarding the susceptibility to the BSY issue of the NS drives with this particular firmware rev, so I'll be sure to report any issues I come across with them. SeaTools reports the model number as GB1000EAFJL, which is also printed on the drive in addition to the ST31000340NS identifier. I suspect my drives are a Hewlett-Packard-tweaked version of the standard NS drive for their DL-series servers, with an HP-specific version of the firmware. I have no idea whether there's any correlation between the HPG6 and SD15 firmware, or any common issues between the two. 69:9QJ28WEA:ST31000340NS:9CA158-784:HPG6:09131:2008-09-27:KRATSG:2009-01-09:N/A:OEM:CGremlin:US:fine:Solaris 70:9QJ283EF:ST31000340NS:9CA158-784:HPG6:09131:2008-09-27:KRATSG:2009-01-09:N/A:OEM:CGremlin:US:fine:Solaris