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  1. :thumbup Seagate offers fix, free data recovery for bricked Barracudas :thumbup http://techreport.com/discussions.x/16246 Thank you for doing the right thing Seagate, maybe you can fire Alanm and make our day.
  2. I posted this in the official forum, but I figure you outcasts ought to know: http://seagate.custkb.com/seagate/crm/self...sp?DocId=207931 Seagate, ruining your life, one harddisk at a time.
  3. Howdi All, Glad to know you missed me! In order to continue the Seagate tradition of censoring posts and providing poor customer service I have applied to become a moderator on this board as well. MSFN has agreed to expedite the process, so as early as tomorrow we will see the following changes: 1) Any discussion about removing the BSY feature will result in a permanent ban, Seagate can't make any money if you guys fix your own drives. 2) All instances of the words "fail", "trouble", and "died" will be replaced with "double-plus-good". 3) Any posts which do not acknowledge Seagate as the one true god will be deleted, repeated violations will result in a lengthy stay in purgatory. We look forward to your continued dissatisfaction with Seagate products. Thank you for worshipping Seagate.