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  1. 71:9TE04W4X:ST31000333AS:9FZ136-300:SD15:09101:TK::N/A:RETAIL:toudoku:Japan:fine:w2k: It showed up once with 0GB-size but with the Seatools4Dos (Advanced Features -> Set Capacity To MAX Native) I was able to get it back to normal. At that time I was not yet aware of the SD15-related problem. I am also not sure whether these two problems are really related (beside the fact that both relate to the drive's firmware), since with the firmware problem the harddisk is no longer detected at all. Also the "0GB-Bug" is known for a much longer time and did not seem to be limited to a certain firmware, modell or site code, sometimes the blame was even put on the motherboard maker. It would help to isolate the current SD15-problem by confirming if users with a drive reporting only 0GB have tried to reset the size as described above. I have also a 1500GB drive (S/N:9VS0DA9X:Rev:CC1H:PN:9JU138-302), but I am not sure whether it is affected.