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  1. been following this for the last few days. Bought a ST3750330AS 750gb 7200.11 sd15 from newegg on 12/30/08. luckily it hadn't failed when i got wind of this. I had a 750gb es.2 in another machine that I moved the image to and thought I was safe. then i see from that (since removed) list posted by seagate that the es.2 (ST3750330NS) is possibly also affected, although I know it doesn't have SD15 on it. So, those of you with more experience: what would you recommend? WD Caviar Black? I'd rather spend some money now and have a machine that I can use over waiting for seagate to issue a fix. This is for a home PC, spends most of its time editing images and running heavy server use, etc. Thanks to everyone who is keeping up the pressure and getting the word out. If I can represent the "casual user" for a moment, you guys are heroes! If I ran PR/support like seagate apparently is, I'd be out of business quickly!