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  1. It will work on ST3750330AS?
  2. Whether it is possible to trust seagate techsup? Hello. How may I help you? Ivanich: Hi,can you let me know whether my hard drive is affected? Ivanich: Device Model: ST3750330AS Serial Number: 9QK0XQN0 Firmware Version: SD15 Jason H.: sure let me check for you. Jason H.: Your drives should be okay. Ivanich: this mean, i don't need firmware update? Jason H.: Correct. Ivanich: And problems which described on your forums about failing 7200.11 drives - it doesn't happen with my drive? Jason H.: Correct it is only certain serial and part numbers. Yours was not one of them.
  3. No, trouble happens when poweroff or reboot, maybe this OS's did it differently(EEPROM corruption??)?
  4. Anybody has troubles with 7200.11 under the linux? In failures statistics i can't find peoples with this OS. I'v seen messages related with AHCI,NCQ.