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  1. I have the 500GB ST3500320AS with firmware SD15, serial 9Qxxxxxx purchased in december. Just got of chatting with the support. We have to wait for the firmware until next week... All agents are currently busy. Please stand by. Hello. How may I help you? aliveathome: I just read this page, I´m looking for an firmware update to my still working drive... Thomas M.: Unfortunately, an update is not available yet. The engineers are looking at the issue now, and they are looking at having the firmware update available, hopefully at the later part of next week. aliveathome: is that the same thing with all the 7200.11 barracudas? Thomas M.: This is a 7200.11 drive yes aliveathome: yes Thomas M.: Only the models listed in the KB article. aliveathome: ok, so I need to wait until next week for an update to my drive? Thomas M.: Check back with us, middle to later par of next week. aliveathome: ok, thanks and goodbye!