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  1. Hi, I followed the steps in the "Elegant Way" at the After Dawn site as recommended by Kotuku - Thank You! I used the AVICodec tool: It said that I needed this codec: Xvid Codec V1.2.1 06 Dec. 08 I downloaded it from: Now I can use either Win Media Player or Win Media Center. Thanks to all who responded to my question. Regards Frank G C
  2. I downloaded and installed the Vista Codec Package from Major Geeks. I tried to play a small (7420 KB) .AVI file that I received from my son. It was produced with a video camera and sent via SKYPE. The result was the same as before I downloaded the Codec. I got sound but no video. I get the same results with WinAmp. My WMP plays .WMV files OK I have Win Vista Ultimate 64 bit and WMP version 11. Do you have a suggestion for me? Thanks Frank G C