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  1. @CheshireCat Really? SD15 + KRATSG + 2008-08-20 and your serial ist similar to mine...... Did you check your serial in upper-case letters? My first check-result in lower-case letters was "not affected", too...but...
  2. Model: ST3500320AS Firmware version: SD15 Date Code: 09132 Serial Number: 9QM7A*** Site Code: KRATSG Made in Thailand Seagate-Tool says: AFFECTED ... (after typing serial in upper-case letters).... Date of purchase: November 2008
  3. Since today my drive is bricked, too (the reason, why I found this forum). But their serial number check thinks it's not affected. Checked the drive connected to the onboard-controller and connected to a controller-card and changed the sata-cable. It's both the same. Bought my drive in November 2008.