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  1. Thanks go out to Gradius for posting the guide on how to revive my bricked hard drive. I have been trying for about a week to get through to Seagate tech support but have had no luck. Your directions worked perfectly. Thank you my friend, you saved me!!! I do have a question to you all about the firmware updates that have been posted by Seagate. I have a Baracuda 500 GB drive that the update will supposedly rebrick my drive. Are the current firmware updates safe to use or should I hold off for a bit for a newer update? Thanks once again to Gradius and everyone else for all your help. CJohnson1073
  2. Seagate claims to be offering a free data recovery service for bricked drives. Has anyone used this service yet? Was it successful? I am a little leary about sending the drive out and losing my data. The info can be found in the following article from computerworld. http://www.computerworld.com/action/articl...ticleId=9126280 CJohnson1073