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  1. sorry, didn't see the second page of posts before I replied. Good to see that you got your problem solved.
  2. I'll make a couple assumptions: 1) since you mentioned a .bat file, that you used the Setup Manager to create your winnt.sif file 2) since you mentioned VMware, you want to boot straight to CD for unattended installation on a machine with no OS, or erase current installation. There is an unattend.txt file already in the regular i386 folder. Just rename to winnt.sif and add this line to [userData] section: ProductKey=xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx Where the x's represent your CD-Key. I could be wrong, since I usually WANT a full unattend after the partition choosing stage and have never left it that simple and tried that way. Otherwise, you could also try using the Setup Manager, but instead of full unattend, set for provide defaults. Then you see every option screen, but with your choices filled in and waiting for user to confirm. If you intended to say that your CD does not boot, don't forget to make your CD bootable and to set your CMOS setup to boot from CD first before your hard drive. Hope this helps