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  1. Heck yes BM! That looks lurvely!
  2. Let us pay now so we can use it without popups, please?
  3. As i have mentioned before I am not using the latest version now, please remove the popup or at least comment on it. We love your work and want to support it!
  4. If there is one then I haven't found it either.
  5. I have gone back to 0.6 so I can stop it interrupting movie watching and game playing. Loving the progress though.
  6. Delete the imported registry setting, reboot (the dll wont be loaded now) and then delete the files
  7. Thank you a lot!
  8. I am still using 0.3 as that's the latest one that works for me. Will test each update until it works again
  9. Really nice! (and working now) but just needs a little bit more transparency for me. Will play with values
  10. Still no log produced:
  11. I can run it without error or log being produced but nothing at all happens :-/
  12. I am having a bit of a problem and I hope someone here will know the answer to my question I am beginning with the official SP1 iso and using vlite to remove components which are not required for media center, windows update and the "normal" network stuff such as shared folders etc. The problem is that once installed and running windows update, there is something occuring which causes vista to reboot continually. It boots, gets to preparing updates stage 3, shows welcome then shuts down and reboots. This is likely related to an update (which I havent managed to narrow down yet). Has anyone experienced anything similar or does anyone know which component I am removing that could be causing this? All help appreciated, Paul.
  13. I am currently in the same situation and I am testing (lots) to see whats required and what isnt.