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  1. anybody tried pcb change reflash and rechange pcb i have 3 st3500320as they are same model 2 of them working with latest firmware but 1 of them bricked with bsy problem if i change pcb flah bricked one and rechange it would it work
  2. hey hey hey what did you do i have a multiple harddisk as well
  3. Gradius2 man this pictures are great ty very much
  4. For CC, BSY and 0 LBA errors, is just IMPOSSIBLE to fix it by means of software only and without this guide, or something very very expensive tool (over US$ 10k) like PC-3000. Gradius i will first apply customer rights at Turkey for claiming this product is till under warranty and rma has to replace it if i loose at there too i will try this rma doesnt replace my hdd because of a tiny broken part can see at below http://img118.imageshack.us/img118/1509/20090115065so2.jpg
  5. did u see this page? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...20&start=20 now i see but my motherboard is ASUS P5Q and i dont have a rs232 port on it i wish there were a solution through sata without anything else cant seagate write a program that will fix this problem through sata ? best free online pokemon game on the internet PokemonCraft You can also check this awesome pokedex kanto
  6. hi i live in Turkey and i have a dead st3500320as. it is 6 month old and its problem is BSY. it was raid 0 so my whole data has gone away. and rma doesnt accept because of a ... tiny broken part at my harddisk. you can see at the link below http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/6710/20090115065yz1.jpg so my request is do you have any possibilty to put pictures of hardware part ty