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  1. Hi folks edit Sorry about the topic. Apparently when posting the limit of it is never displayed and you can't edit it once posted. =( Topic was supposed to be: Seagate ST3500320AS SD15 500GB. Suspected BSY but does not spin up when PCB is reseated. I have fixed a few of these BSY disks now but stumbled across one yesterday that behaved differently. When I put the PCB back it sounds like it tries to spin up but fails and then repeatedly tries again. So it's like a 'bzzzzz', 'silence', 'bzzzzz', 'silence', 'bzzzzz', 'silence', 'bzzzzz', 'silence', 'bzzzzz', 'silence', 'bzzzzz' and so on. Have anyone stumbled across something similar and if so, is there a fix? The sound is not a 'click' but more a 'bzzzz' or 'buzzing'. All the symptoms indicated that it was a BSY error and I can log into the disk and spin it down but when i try to spin it up the terminal just get's stuck and the drive makes the said noises and I never get a reply from the terminal.
  2. It did start out as a BSY problem and all symptoms were exactly the same. I posted here because I thought it could have been a BSY fix going bad and that someone would recognize the symptoms as that. So don't be so quick to judge here. 1 1, since that was I thought it started as and I thought, and maybe still think, that it's a flavour of BSY 0 1+1 should be 2... right? I can also whisle...
  3. Hey folks I have fixed a few of these BSY disks now but stumbled across one yesterday that behaved differently. When I put the PCB back it sounds like it tries to spin up but fails and then repeatedly tries again. So it's like a 'bzzzzz', 'silence', 'bzzzzz', 'silence', 'bzzzzz', 'silence', 'bzzzzz', 'silence', 'bzzzzz', 'silence', 'bzzzzz' and so on. Have anyone stumbled across something similar and if so, is there a fix?
  4. HEy man I was also looking into swapping PCB. But the answer I got that the problem isn't in the PCB but further down in the drive. SO swaping it won't help, maybe make it worse? I would look for someone in your area that can help you. There must be someone on this forum.
  5. ...mkay... It was the newly marked red locations that i had to shorten. Took me several attempts. Tried the other location to. But like after the ten attempt the drive spun down. The terminal settled and I could issue those commands. Loads of odd letters and s*** in the terminal while typing though. Dunno why. But the disk is back and alive. Time to do some back up. Thanks a lot for the guide here! I did not have to keep the circuit shortened after the drive had spinned down. Because it's a spin down that is the result of the shortening. It takes a while and you will hear some pretty disturbing sounds. Once the drive is down i released my paperclip and issued the commands in the terminal. Thanks again. beers on me.
  6. Hello What do you get more then: LED: 000000CC ? Something like: ? What sounds did your drives make? This one is like spinning up, spinning down, spinning up, spinning down, spinning up etc etc EDIT: This page says to short on some other places. EDIT 2: That's the same picture I just noticed. But on the one here in the forum the original red square is retouched and moved...?
  7. Hey guys Another drive died here today. But don't think it's the same problem but not sure. Have been searching for this symptoms but can't find anything usefull. The drive is stuck in an endless power-on loop. So it spins up, spins down, spins up, spins down, spins up... THe mac it was in doesn't get further then to a gray screen with it in. Is it the BSY error? Can't remember that my drive that I got BSY on got stuck in a power on loop. Is this another issue? EDIT: Screenshot of terminal readout of the disk: EDIT 2: This is a 500GB ES.2 disk. S/N 9QM7R50C, ST3500320NS, 9CA154-303, Firmware: SN05. So maybe this thread is my solution: EDIT 3: Solved according to:
  8. Hey guys! Another happy ending here in Sweden! I used the USB => TTL cable I earlier asked about. Worked like a charm! Was easier then I though, was nervous as hell when I started out but all went smooth! Sooo.. Guys! Everybody that have contributed here and helped people out, if our roads ever cross in real life... Beers on me! edit: If anybody in Stockholm/Sweden needs help, just drop me a PM here or so. =)
  9. It will works, the IC is inside the USB connector, choose TTL-232R 3V3 model. Here is the IC, this is the PCB version: Can confirm that this cable works. Really nice solution! I just removed the two pins from the connector, extended them with these babies. So now they are shielded and protected. I have not completed the whole process since I'm at work now. But connected it to a seagate disk and got to the promt. So thumbs up so far for that cable. WIll try to rescue my disk at home tonight with it. Report will follow.
  10. Every RS232 to TTL will works, also USB to RS232 to TTL, also will works. To a complete list of materials, please check the 1st msg on this topic (I included everything there, links and even prices). Thanks man. You're a lifesaver. I'll order both. Because if I'm not mistaken I really only need the USB one and just hook that directly up to the TX and RX-port of the disk. Should work if i have understood it all correctly. But I'll play it safe and order both. Thanks man.
  11. Oooh. Oki. How about this one then? Or this one: THe usb-one sounds sweet. FT232BL will works just fine, the problem it looks like IC only, and not mounted (ready to use). Like this one: Gradius
  12. Hey guys! Trying to find components here in Sweden to build me my own interface. Since Seagate are giving us the silent treatment I don't have to much hope in them saving my data (atleast not within reasonable time). The problem is that I'm having a hard time finding the RS232 to TTL converter. I have emailed the biggest electronic component store and asked, but they are probably sleeping at the moment. =) SO thought I'd check with you guys if you think that any of the pasted names links below could do it? FT232BL USB - seriellt if LQFP32 FT232RL USB - seriellt if SSOP28 FT232RQ USB - seriellt if QFN32 FT2232D 2x combined FT232/245 LQFP48 Cheers! The problem is that none there is in clear text RS232 to TTL. But maybe TTL is referred to as something else also?