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  1. Hi all! Just wanted to ask, is or will there be any other way detecting the drive in BIOS except this one:
  2. I dunno, the guy gave me that number, but I am going to try the number you said you called. BTW, what did they tell you when you talked to them? Did they offer free data recovery?
  3. This is the number: 00.800.4732.4283, would it be still free with skype?
  4. Ok, so I tried contacting Seagate, but they are not answering their emails. Then I tried the chat thingy where a guy tried to send me a firmware update for a drive which is not recognized in BIOS, and he then gave me a phone number to call a manager in the US which will be probably quite expensive for me since I am from the UK. Nevermind that, the interesting thing was that he wasn't aware that Seagate is offering free data recovery which is strange. Did somebody have a different experience with them?