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  1. Hi, fyi I just did place Firefox 3.5.3 to my unattended Windows XP cd, but the /S switch does not work, it still acts like normally interacted setup. I used the old one: Firefox353.exe -ms Dunno, if this is the "old" switch, but it's the one that worked for me.
  2. LOLed, I sure didn't think of the obvious, thanks for the reminder.
  3. I already use this method, but why use ECHO OFF? Mine is having some trouble when I want to use paths with spaces, such as: "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Live\.cache\WLMessenger 2009.msi" /passive installations always fail, I thing it does not recognize t quotes or something.
  4. I'm new to Unattended Vista, but my DVD Rom (I use WAIK) has the $OEM$ folder inside \sources\ directory. There, I use $OEM$\$$ for Windows Folder and $OEM$\$1 for root drive. Hope it helps. Cheers, Giannis