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  1. What happens to me? i have just made the sd1a 2d update to my st3500320as and felt very happy cause it worked. It seems that the firmware issue is solved with this. The much bigger problem is that I am extremly sceptic, when i think about the chronology of what happend. My feeling says maybe there is something else. The first users, who had problems with drives appeard one year ago. I think the most affected hdds were sent to seagate for RMA. Though Seagate did know that there is a problem, but they didn't stop production. They didn't make a fix while more and more RMAs came every day. Bugged hdds are still delivered while they are deleting the seagateforum postings about this issue. The situation is going worse in december, some say the RMA quote is 30%. The internet community has recognized the seagate 7000.10 problem. 3 days later: seagate has found the problem and offers a fix sorry, wrong fix after 3 further days new fix (seems to be ok) ........to be continued........ Now please tell me, how segate finds a solution in 6 days, when they weren't able to fix the problem in the year before.