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  1. All is fixed!!! thank you My home made RS232 to TTL (-:
  2. I asked that I won't work apparently
  3. Sorry but it will not. Every PCB is married with HDA, they're unique. Flashing will never works if your HD isn't recognized by BIOS at POST time. You need to unlock the drive with RS232 to TTL solution, or spend $500, or just RMA. There is no other solution. ok After I use the RS232 method should I instantly update the firmware and then backup or backup and then update?
  4. I tried it on my locked HD it didn't see it and do noting But on my second drive the update was successful What will happen if I will take the working updated PBC and put it on the locked HD? will it work?
  5. 99:9QM3****:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:08406:2008-11-20:KRATSG:2009-01-22:RETAIL:ili:Israel:(no detect in bios):Vista64:620W no my drive is not detected to!