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  1. They don't make drives like they used to I guess. LOL. Still hopeful I can recover this drive and with fw updates (hopefully?) things will work again. One can hope right?
  2. I have ordered a RS232 TTL adapter. I will wait for it and try the recommended approach then if all else fails will try the swap PCB/Firmware update approach. Special Thanks @Gradius2 for posting the tutorial (really awesome!).
  3. Great news! I was gonna try that but was not sure about it. Heck it is worth a try. I think I will try this tomorrow ...
  4. Hello, Mark here from Texas. Happened on to this site by way of the Seagate site looking for answers to why my Seagate Drive is giving the BIOS the silent treatment (BSY?). This is the one site that had some great information on the Seagate drive thing. In fact, I have my RS232 to TTL adapter on its way. Special Thanks to the OP - who posted all the great information and How-Tos on recovering the drive. Have not spent much time browsing the other forums here but I will get to them. Mark.