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  1. @spellcasterbr : I used a direct computer power suppy - 4-pin Molex to SATA power converter (no 3.3V, 5V only), no external HDD enclosure. Do you think this would make a difference?
  2. Does this procedure to unblock the BSY signal also work on an 7200.11 1TB ES.2? (the ...340NS). When the PCB is connected, the serial interface seems to work properly since I see the error messages (CC code). When the Ctrl-Z is typed fast enough the prompt is displayed as well. However, when the board is detached from the spin motor contacts, there is no more serial communication possible. I noticed also that there is an additional chip/module on the drive chassis (6 or 8 pins) that makes contact with the PCB, apart from the 4 spin motor connection. I tried the procedure with the card trick (the module still connected), as well as completely removing the board. In both cases the RS-232 communication utterly fails, i.e. no prompt at all after Ctrl-Z.