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  1. They are the office Academic Course books from Microsoft for Windows 7 Configuration training "70-680 course code"
  2. I am in the middle of taken Windows 7 Configuration course 70-680. This course is part of a much larger program but when I got my text books I was surprised to find that they came without a Dvd (ebook) I was equally surprised that the book did not supply a answers page to the questions found in the books. This is a first for me as in the past all of my text books came with a DVD. Just wondering if anyone else took this course and found the same?
  3. Does anyone know how to stop Ctfmon.exe in Microsoft Office 2007 from running at start up? there is a way to do it in office XP and 2003 but i cannot find any info on how to do it in 2007.
  4. thank you everyone for your reply's it is a OEM problem i have a OEM CD now and it works thanks.
  5. I just got a laptop and desktop from a garage sale both work ok but they have cracked copy's of xp pro on them but both have the windows XP certificate of authenticity on them with the cd key. So i downloaded a copy of Windows xp home off the net and tried to install it with legal CD key but it will not take it. Tells me wrong key. Any idea's why? Is the key matched to a CD ?
  6. goto your network connection find the connection that is the one want to change then right click on it and go to rename then rename it to what ever you want
  7. what is the starwind service? what perpose does it serve?
  8. it has been good for me but last couple week true vector has really been p***ing me off
  9. For a companie of about 20 desktop and laptop computers, and there wanting to host there own web site, host there own email, plus date storage ie backups what kind of server would they need in terms of hardware.
  10. One more time in english
  11. is there a partition on the drive?
  12. If he is guilty I hope he get 50 years if he is not I hope he is set free. I think he is guilty
  13. you maybe able to play it with reduce settings
  14. this game is kickass just spend last 8 hours playing it only one this i don't like. I am left hand so i use a differnet keyboard setup. in 1942 and bfv it was simple to do but in bf2 it is some what a pain. Still a great game though.
  15. Dell is the best of them but your better off building your own