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  1. yes me too did u manage to rectify this problem? regards chris No, i didn't. I'm still waiting an answer.
  2. hi everyone, when i pressed CTRL+Z in HyperTerminal session, it was showing this:
  3. Firmware didn't fix my harddisk problem. Can you prefer me data recovery programme for my problem?
  4. My motherboard is AMD Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3. I was using Gigabyte SATA cable(click for cable image) for my SATA harddisk. Also Victoria results: With faulty sata hdd: Without faulty sata hdd(only connected IDE hdd):
  5. Yes, I was seeing the green BUSY button when i connected the defective SATA hdd.
  6. So i will be need second harddisk for this? I've found this guide --> Victoria for Windows Is it true? Will i fix my problem with it?
  7. Yes i know but BIOS doesn´t detect my harddisk anymore. How will i update it? Is it possible? Also download file is unavailable now for my harddisk.
  8. I was using the one hdd. Yes it recognized in bios before. But it's not now. Also yes, i've been able to restart a few times.
  9. When i opened the PC, i was hearing some noise in harddisk. But then i've been waiting for 30 seconds(average) without any noise. And then it said that DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER on the black screen.
  10. Can i try it for Maxtor STM3500320AS harddisk?
  11. I've bought a Maxtor STM3500320AS 500 GB harddisk last month. I've shut down pc without any problem last night. But then when i opened the PC, it was giving this error message: DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER I've checked the BIOS. But it didn't detect the harddisk. So i didn't get my files. I don't want lose all of my files. What can i do now?