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  1. I installed usb drives from the following site. I was able to get my flash drives working but i connect to the internet using a Trendnet adapter to connect using ethernet to the usb port. (my computer only has 1 port and an old xjack connector but i do not have a phone line connection) I installed the drives because i could not us a thumb drive. Well after loading the drives, for the memory stick, my TRENDnet adaptor no longer worked. I get an error saying that i need to install new drivers. So i believe these drivers are not compatable. My os is 98FE. I also get an error in my device manager for "ACPI battery" code 2 could not load drivers. Both of thes problems only occurred after loading the usb drivers. I would like to know if there is a fix for this, or if not, how to isolate the new drivers and remove them. Any other drivers that would work? any help would be appreciated. Thanks