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  1. Seeing as I have only one hard drive (Seagate), how would thew Victoria for does work? Is it self-bootable?
  2. Hello: I am new here and am wondering if anyone from Canada is here? I have this exact same problem everyone is having, but this time, Seagate tells me to contact HP, as its a problem with HP and not related to Seagate. HP then tells me, they will ship another HD (did not specify which one...wonder why) Now the important thing is to get the data back. Some data recovery services are asking anywhere between $1000 - 1500. You guys are great here, and it looks like several choices are available. My question is (base don the 2 types of issues with the 72000.11): How do I know which problem I have. The only thing my HDD does and not boot up. It worked up until this morning, and after a reboot, got stuck at "Boot System Failure", when I ran a diagnostics, it did not find the "HDD". Also would the HD doctor mentioned here come with both hardware and software. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Tony