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  1. Fernando, After going through the thread, I managed to get it working by making a bootable CD with nlite. Thanks a lot! You just made my day However, now I have a 600 gig huge RAID partition... Did I have to partion the HDD b4 setting up a raid array? Cheers BB
  2. Hello everyone! I seem to have a drastic problem getting my RAID to work during XP Pro install... I have made a RAID floppy disk and I am using the F6 feature during the XP install but to no effect. I get a 0x7b BSOD error, just when all the files from the XP setup CD arre loaded and it says "Setup is starting Windows". I cannot even get to the partion part of the setup. I managed to get there once but the setup hang in the middle. So i had to partion 600 gigs all over again and now I keep getting 0x7b BSOD error. What I am going to do? I can only load windows without the f6 option. Will my hard drives work in SATA mode or legacy mode? I am using the nvidia 680i SLI chipset Abit IN9-32x WIFI mobo, e7300 core2duo CPU, 2 gigs of Kingston HyperX DDR1066 RAM and 2x SAMSUNG 320GB KJ321 HDD's... PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME! Cheers all...