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  1. Hey pinkbits whoever you are, if you don't want to help people, don't join forums people use to post requests for help. Someone who doesn't know how to run a batch file or change file permissions isn't de facto idiotic - more likely just doesn't have endless hours to muck around with bits and pieces of broken Vista. He or she may be a genius for all you know. The guy from Sweden is 16, asked for advice in a very polite way, and didn't deserve your pompous, sarcastic response. Nor is it for you to tell people when they are allowed to ask for help. Stay off the forum and leave it to people who are happy to share problems and solutions with a good grace. I'm sure we can all do without your cruddy little batch file - which, incidentally, is as cackhanded a kludge as I've ever seen. And it isn't coded but scripted - I'm not going to answer idiotic questions from you about the difference, either.