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  1. the switches that I have used is: cmd1[pn]=['%CDROM%\\Install\\MicrosoftOffice\\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-'] If after install Windows XP, I setup WPI.hta, the office 2003 install it very good, but when I install it before finish of install Windows XP, it begin to install very good, but one moment after it uninstall.
  2. Hello, I'm sorry, but i'm spanish and my english isn't very good. Why I can't install Office 2003 unattended from WPI. When Windows XP finished of install, I can install office good, but from WPI I can't. Office begin to install, but one time after, it begin uninstall only. No error. Other programs from WPI I can install within problems. Could you help me?